Unchaining Greensboro is a fence build initiative to provide proper housing and containment for animals in Guilford County who are currently being chained/tethered.

November 2013, Guilford County Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance that prohibits unattended tethering of dogs effective March 1, 2014. Residents had 12 months from the effective date to become compliant. Unattended tethering is PROHIBITED in all municipalities and areas within Guilford County except with the city limits of Gibsonville where local ordinances apply.

Unchaining Greensboro seeks to assist low income and/or disabled dog owners by building a no-cost fence on their property. This allows owners to comply with the Guilford County Tethering Ordinance, and greatly improved the quality of life for the dogs.  The organization partners with other local animal welfare groups to provide proper housing, spay/neuter assistance, necessary vaccinations, food, and other items for the dogs who are accepted into the program. Unchaining Greensboro also works to educate pet owners regarding transitioning their pet inside the home to become a part of the family, crate training and the pet's health.

The majority of the dogs have lived most or all of their lives completely outside, either on chains or tethers. The fence provided by Unchaining Greensboro is their first opportunity to run or move around freely.



We are a group of volunteers dedicated to building fences for dogs that are on chains in the under served parts of our community. Once their fence is built, these dogs stay part of the Unchaining Greensboro family forever.

We are committed to educating the community about the benefits of unchaining dogs, spay and neuter.

All eligible families must meet the following requirements:

1. Agree to have all animals in the home spayed/neutered (UG provides info on low cost options)

2. Families must be on some form of government assistance.